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Richard Cooper Bronzes


Hares Playing med
H: 23cm L: 21.5cm LE of 250
Hares Playing

Hares Boxing sml
H: 12cm L: 12cm LE of 350
Hares Boxing

Hare Boxing sml
H: 11.5cm L: 6cm LE of 250
Hare Boxing

Hare Standing med
H: 15cm L: 9cm LE of 200
Hare Standing

Hare Standing sml
H: 10.5cm L: 4.5cm LE of 350
Hare Standing

Hare Boxing lge
H: 30.5cm L: 13cm LE of 75
Hare Boxing

Hare Listening sml
H: 6cm L: 5cm LE of 350
Hare Listening

Hare Moongazingg sml
H: 6cm L: 4cm LE of 350
Hare Moongazing

H: 14cm L: 14.5cm LE of 95

Full Pelt
H: 24cm L: 31cm LE of 50
Full Pelt

Running Wild
H: 22.3cm L: 35cm LE of 50
Running Wild

Hare Lying sml
H: 2.5cm L: 8cm LE of 250
Hare Lying

Hare Running sml
H: 7cm L: 11cm LE of 250
Hare Running