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Situated in Helmsley, one of North Yorkshire's most popular & picturesque market towns, among the rural splendours of Ryedale at the edge of the North York Moors.

The small shop front rather belies the delights here; a somewhat eclectic collection. Sculptures by Christine Cummings, Jonny Bradshaw & Karen Fawcett. Oils, watercolours, pastels and limited edition prints.

Moorcroft pottery is a speciality with greetings cards to suit most occasions. You will definitely find something different. Everyone is very welcome. This is very much a family business and we do hope you will come in and browse.

The 'Watership Down' Collection

designed by Emma Bossons FRSA & Kerry Goodwin

The epic and best-selling novel by Richard Adams, Watership Down, has been adapted into a new release with the ragtag band of rabbits redrawn and transformed by animation. Moorcroft Pottery have created an artistic homage to this new television adaptation.

For 2019, Moorcroft journey with their on-screen partners: Hazel, the brave and wise leader; Bigwig, the strong yet impetuous warrior; and Fiver, the prophet who provides them with the impetus to avoid danger, and discover new found design territory, where art and heritage skills bring acclaimed words and animation to life.

So rise up on your haunches and peer through the wild grasses and smell the faint scent of wild garlic in the breeze, as you journey through scenery entirely created by Moorcroft designer, Emma Bossons FRSA and rabbits carefully transported from their on-screen personas by fellow Moorcroft designer, Kerry Goodwin.

Start building your collection now with one of the four new designs now available to order.

Pictured: Fiver

2019 Moorcroft Catalogue

2019 Limited Editions
Limited Editions
2019 Table Lamps
Table Lamps
2019 Ranges

Moorcroft 'Armistice' Collection

100 years on from Armistice Day

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, World War I ended.

In November 2018, 100 years on from Armistice Day, the world will pause to reflect, pay respect and remember the people whose lives were taken, during the First World War.

The poppy, Britain’s national symbol of remembrance and a Moorcroft speciality for more than 100 years, takes a leading role in The Armistice Collection to offer respect to a whole generation whose sacrifices changed the world as we know it.

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