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Karen Fawcett

Karen Fawcett
October 2022

Featured Above: Robins on resin: 01-05

Karen is committed to creating lifelike sculptures using the British countryside as her inspiration. Her sculptures are created from detailed study and visual observation of the subject, and with reference to an actual specimen where possible.

They are hand crafted and finished to a very high level of detail, each piece is therefore individual and unique and aim to capture not just the look, but also the spirit or personality of the subject, making it appear much more alive - as though it could move at any moment!

Karen's sculptures are not only unique and affordable works of art but also bring a piece natural world directly into your home. All her works are either signed on the underside, or where this is not possible Karen uses a stamp of the 'K' logo to ensure it is an authentic piece.

Parrot 01

Parrot 02


Tawny Owl

Winter Hare





Robins on rock: 01-04

Kingfishers: 01 & 02

Kingfisher 03

Kingfisher 04

Wrens on post: 01-06

Little Owls: 01-03

Wrens on resin: 01-03

Treecreepers: 01 & 02

Ducklings: 01 & 02

Squirrels: 01-05

Baby Owls: 01-06


To enquire about any of the Karen Fawcett scultures featured on this page please call The Gallery on 01439 771 385 or email William Sissons quoting the image reference name/number underneath each image.

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