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Edward Hersey

Artist - Edward Hersey

Throughout history we have admired and coveted the fine work of our world-renowned landscape and countryside artists, who have accurately recorded the many and varied subjects of our beautiful heritage.

Edward Hersey, a most gifted artist, has in the last decade, established himself as the foremost artist in his field. His meticulous attention to every detail, and his rare ability to captivate his audience with his fabulous record of mood and lighting, elevate him into a league of the select few.

Edward’s formative years were spent living in southern England, with its rich and varied landscape and abundant farm buildings, which has inspired him throughout his artistic career. New and interesting subjects encourage him to travel extensively throughout the U.K. to record the style and variation in farm buildings, the source of much of his work.

Demand by collectors for Hersey’s work is such, that there is invariably a long list of commissions outstanding by the leading galleries who handle his work.

Richard Telford

Artist - Richard Telford

Richard Telford was born in Dorchester and spent his childhood in this most picturesque part of England. He developed a keen interest in painting professionally from an early age when his talent was recognized by a local gallery.

For a while, after graduating from art college, he took up a career as a graphic designer, which in time he abandoned in order to further his ambition of painting full time. He was admitted into the studio of Terrance Anton who taught him the art of professional landscape painting. The influence of many West Country artists and the surroundings of his youth have provoked his unique style, with his use of soft bright colours evoking a serene atmosphere in his landscapes, reminiscent of the Wessex artist Thomas Hardy.

Richard has established a growing number of collectors for his work, who admire his considerable ability to paint a variety of subjects. His work has also been taken up extensively for use in publishing greeting cards.

Stephen Hawkins

Artist - Stephen Hawkins

Stephen Hawkins was born in Surrey in 1964. As a boy Stephen combined an enthusiasm for horse riding with a love of drawing, to display a talent for equestrian painting. Though he studied art to A level at school, Stephen cites his association with various art societies as more influential on his early development. Through them, he received some guidance from other artists and the first opportunity to sell his work.

On leaving school, Stephen decided to try to pursue a career as an artist. Initially supporting himself with a variety of temporary jobs, he eventually secured more permanent employment at the Alan Carter Gallery, a job with the advantage of providing a steady stream of commissions. Contact with an agent put Stephen in touch with a number of galleries across the south of England, which in turn, enabled him to realise his goal of painting full time.

Largely self taught, Stephen made the transition from acrylic to oil paints around the time of leaving school. Learning to work in pastel came some time later. He remains an enthusiastic sketcher, keeping drawings of each painting he completes.

As well as exhibiting with various galleries in Great Britain and the USA, he has shown work with the Royal Society of Equestrian Artists. Stephen lives in the heart of rural Sussex with his wife and two children.

Terry Evans

Artist - Terry Evans

Terry Evans was born in 1943 in Romford, Essex. He is a big, outgoing and popular man, which he modestly puts down to being born under the sign of Aries the Ram.

He started painting for self-satisfaction; his subjects were portraits, racing-cars and dogs. He experimented with watercolour and acrylics, and then he tried oils. He explains that this was a turning point in his career as he found the expressive freedom of working in paint that stayed workable for days. A second breakthrough came when he used oils to paint landscapes. By popular demand he turned professional and for many years he has enjoyed a runaway success.

Terry Evans attended art school at Hornsea but his unique and distinctive style was inspired by the renowned artist, Charles Lefar. Terry has taken the approach further and developed it into a style uniquely his own. An 'Evans' is much more detailed, and crisper in technique, than his mentor's work. Terry generously loads the canvas with oil paint, lavishly applied with gusto. The canvasses groan under the weight and the paintings tell of a wilderness with running water, glades, rocks, pools, mountains, trees and flowers. Terry Evans lives on the South Coast and paints every day at his easel.

His pictures are of unspoilt nature in the raw. Not even an old rotting fence-post is allowed to spoil these landscapes. No-where in an Evans will you find a trace of mankind.


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